The Cost Of Doing Business Online

The Real Cost Of Online Business

The hidden costs of running a successful website are not your hosting or even web design costs, but the continual struggle to comply with Google’s and the other major search engines evermore stringent requirements to allow your business to attract quality organic traffic.

There is an ongoing process of development, partly driven by technology, to allow websites to continue to perform online on all of the many different devices that are used online.

Compliance with the search engines can be very expensive for owners, even those who have done their best to address future proofing issues but keeping up to date with latest news, updates and developments. Keep up to date with Google releases as they happen and maintain effective search engine optimization for your website…. see SEO¬≥ for more

On a seemingly endless basis, the engines release algorithm updates that require website owners to totally change, update or even redesign their websites completely in order to stay compliant…… as was the case recently with the mobile device compatability algorithm update.

Failure to comply can be very costly, with large ranking drops a common occurrence for erring websites. This forces further time, effort and investment in order to climb online again, back to where you were.

Part of the solution to limiting your reinvestment is to consider where the industry is going in the next 5 – 10 years. In all likelihood, the internet will look very different to what we are familiar with today.

Will screens be a thing of the past, with voice control being the method of connectivity that we are happy to use? Will the internet plateau with the natural limits on screen sizes that we are happy with at present?

While no one knows for sure, the one thing you can do is to concentrate on maintaining high quality content that your visitors want to engage with – check if your content is good enough at Deeho. As search engines become smarter, their ability to artificially measure what real people think of your website will gain in importance.

AI (artificial intelligence) is a massive component of Google’s thinking going forwards. Machine learning isn’t as far away as you might think & Google is one of the leading companies pioneering development.

Search engines that learn as they go are not too far away and offer good SEO companies an opportunity to exploit weaknesses in that learning process.

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