Home Security

Keeping your home and belongings safe with an alarm is increasingly important, especially in uncertain times. A home security system offers peace of mind.

A home alarm will protect your property and possessions. Providing not only a visual and audible deterrent, but actively working to detect intruders if they break into your home.

A burglary is one of the biggest fears for many home owners. Feeling violated and knowing that someone has been into your home is a horrible feeling that can be difficult to come to terms with.

An alarm box on the outside of your property tells would be burglars that your home has security and is protected.

Most burglaries happen to homes without an alarm installer.

Alarms can have motion sensors, door and window sensors, pressure pads or zone sensors, so you can set up your home with the ideal alarm installation for your needs.

This means that if you have pets at home, they won’t set off the alarm when you are out.

CCTV Installations

Further security can be provided by using CCTV cameras to record intruders activity and to provide evidence.

CCTV records footage to a hard disc or remote data storage, providing a record of all activities at the property and also can provide remote access so you can view the cameras from elsewhere.

Used with alarms, cctv is a strong deterrent as well as being a useful tool for monitoring your home from anywhere.

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