Shopping Online in Safety

Shopping Online Today

Shopping online is big, big, business these days, and to anyone who is an internet user, it is becoming the first place to look when something needs to be sourced.

The reasons are pretty obvious, why go trudging around the shops when you can browse, window shop or buy, from your own sofa, or, given the huge spread of smart phones, virtually anywhere!

It is becoming to many of us, second nature, need something?- go to the PC, pick up the tablet, or get out the phone. What we should not lose sight of as shopping online becomes the new norm, is that with almost everything we buy online involves putting personal financial information onto the internet.

Security in certain areas is second nature to most of us, for instance, who would go out and leave their front door unlocked, or windows wide open, or who indeed would park their car and not lock it? All these things are done virtually subconsciously, and keeping ourselves secure when online shopping should be done pretty much the same.

Security starts at home, and always ensure your PC has an up to date antivirus, antimalware programme in place, and in case of losing your mobile, or worse, having it stolen, to protect your data set a strong password and use the screen auto-lock as basic security measures.

Whether on your PC or mobile, beware of unsolicited emails, and be equaly wary of following links in them, or even on social networks.

Try to purchase from the big well-known names which will have the most up to date and robust site security, such as Amazon, or John Lewis, but of there is a whole internet to explore out there, a high street that almost never ends, with more shops stores and offers that dwarf the biggest Malls.

So you find yourself at a site you’ve not used before, then check it out, it doesn’t take long. First off, what does anybody else say about it? does it have a blog, and carry reviews? Are they any good? Has it a proper postal address, and a returns policy?

All of these things, and ensuring the URL address begins https, and not plain http, (the S meaning the all- important security measures in place) normally take a matter of a few seconds, but are of great importance.

Your personal financial information is as good as currency to cyber criminals out on the internet, and your simple steps can help in keeping your online shopping safe and secure and a pleasure to do.

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